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Now What?!

Call Info & Schedule

October 14 - November 22, 2019

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Two types of open Zoom calls are offered on a regular basis throughout the six weeks of Now What?!

All calls take place on this "Main Zoom line"

Deep Dives

90 minute Zoom calls -- please come on time

Mon 16:00 UTC, Tue 23:00 UTC, Thu 11:00 UTC

(scroll down to calendar for local times)

Choose from any one of the six Now What?! Deep Dive themes and join a group of 3-5 people for a connection-building and insight-generating conversation. 

Each call ends with a "harvest" phase so that some of the key content from each small group can be shared with all Now What?! participants (on this call and beyond).

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Now What?! Cafe

90 minute Zoom calls - drop in any time

Tue 11:00 UTC, Wed 23:00 UTC, Fri 16:00 UTC

(scroll down to calendar for local times)

The Cafe serves these purposes:

  • A place to connect, network, and hang out

  • Onboarding for newcomers

  • Telling stories and making meaning

  • Promoting your work

  • Exchanging requests and offers

Custom breakouts are available so you can move into small groups as desired, with whomever you choose to be with, or on any topic you wish to name.

November 21-22 



Three 90-minute Calls

on November 21-22

Drop in any time!

November 21:

11pm UTC  /  4pm PDT  /  7pm EDT  /  12am CEST

November 22:

11am UTC  /  4am PDT  /  7am EDT  /  1pm CEST

4pm UTC  /  9am PDT   / 12pm EDT  /  6pm CEST

(see calendar below for local times)

Help close and celebrate the Oct-Nov edition of Now What?!  


We'll play games, offer blessings and gifts, share stories, listen to music, and more.

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