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Now What?!

Invitations to Collaborate

October 14 - November 22, 2019

Now What?! is a commons created by and in service to a set of individual Collective Members as well as a group of organizations and networks that wish to become Partners.  These work together to co-create a commons that supports LIFE.

Individual Members
of the Now What?! Collective

Become an individual member of the Now What?! Collective for the Oct-Nov edition by committing to a basic level of participation.  

Collective Members can create roles for themselves, make financial requests, and decide which projects receive financial support via the Pop-up Gift Economy

Organizational &
Network Partners 

Use Now What?! to energize and inform the work of an organization, alliance, or network, and to cross-pollinate with others.

Partners agree to extend invitations to participate in Now What?! and to share the learning emerging from it, and are invited to help frame the Deep Dives.

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