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How to Participate in
Now What?!

October 14 - November 22, 2019

All global citizens are welcome to participate in Now What?! 


There are three dimensions to this pop-up gathering that collectively manifest a commons in service to LIFE...


Multiple conversations in small groups, gathered in-person or virtually, are the heartbeat of Now What?!  They are framed around a set of "Deep Dive" themes.  At the end of each one, contributions are made to a collective "harvest" of observations, insights, resources, art, music, and more.

Meaning Making

As the harvest from multiple conversations grows, participants are invited to look for patterns, themes, questions, and implications, and to share what they discover in creative ways, including prose, poetry, music, and art.

Gift Economy

Inspired by the desire to pay forward the value participants receive through Now What?!, a pool of resources--money, offers of services, knowledge, connections, etc.-- is gathered and then distributed in a variety of ways, thus creating a commons that supports the healing, transformation, and regeneration of human systems, in service to Life

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