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Now What?!

Reverence in Our Work
and Our Daily Lives

October 14 - November 22, 2019

Every act is a ceremony

Every word is a prayer

Every walk is a pilgrimage

Every place is a shrine

~ Charles Eisenstein ~

Films for the Planet

Xucuru Immersive Learning Journey.jpg

Thea LaGrou, of Films for the Planet, invites you to join her during Now What?! for a series of small group conversations inspired by this immersive learning journey to Pernambucu, Brazil.  These will be scheduled on a group by group basis, as interest develops. 


Email Thea if you wish to participate.  You can also use this calendar link to show your availability

The Xukuru Story is a scenic visual narrative which immerses virtual travelers in a rustic Brazilian landscape as they learn how indigenous communities must fight against pervasive commercial interests for their rights, land, and livelihood. Digital installations include a vibrant music video of The Tore – a sacred cultural celebration – visually documented for the very first time. 

This genre of digital storytelling combines interactive media with long-form journalism to create a unique immersive experience. The collective quest for viewers includes contemplation and the data harvesting of solutions for indigenous social and environmental challenges. 

Note: the Story linked to above currently available for viewing on a computer only and not on mobile devices.

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