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Now What?!
Declaration of Possibility


We, the members of the Now What?! Collective and the organizations and networks partnering with it, align around the following intentions in order to convene and host this “pop-up" engagement from October 14 through November 22, 2019, to make and share meaning from it, and to support the gift economy emerging out of it:

  • We gather to practice the art of becoming more fully human in this time of crisis, rooted in ancient and new paradigm wisdom

  • We seek mutual understanding by deepening and expanding our relationships and by cultivating a shared sense of belonging

  • We support healing, transformation, and regeneration in response to the systemic harms that have been and continue to be perpetuated by human “civilization,” especially that which has emerged from the “developed” world

  • We ground our work in a deep knowing of the sacredness, interdependence, and interconnectedness of all Life


We believe it is possible that a diverse group of people-- many hundreds in the current instance and many thousands in future iterations-- can align around these intentions, come together through multiple in-person and virtual conversations over a month or two, and co-create a field of learning and generosity that generates a nourishing harvest of meaning and resources to support them and their work in the world. 

We are inspired to explore this possibility 
through participation in Now What?!​

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