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Now What?!

Collective Members

October 14 - November 22, 2019

Individuals who commit to becoming members of the Now What?! Collective form the core group that convenes, hosts, and governs this global pop-up gathering
as a commons in service to LIFE.

To explore becoming a Collective Member, review the information below and then request a personal invitation conversation.

Scroll through the box below or

Collective Member Invitation
  • THE POSSIBILITY: help form a global “pop-up” community in order to...

    • Co-create an experience of belonging and connection through a set of virtual and in-person gatherings that are awake and alive, make room for joy and grief, embrace uncertainty, and support us in transcending our fears

    • Navigate the complexity of our current times by collectively sensing, making meaning, and taking action, via a highly flexible process based on live conversations that works for all time zones as well as multiple languages

    • Generate an abundant flow of resources via a “pop-up gift economy” to nourish work we care about, and to support those of us who want to “work for the ‘movement of movements’ as our day job”

    • Propagate this pop-up model in many forms, including the establishment of Now What?! as a regular semi-annual engagement

  • THE REQUESTS: members of the Now What?! Collective are asked to make these commitments, estimated to require about seven hours of time...

    • Participate in at least three ~90 minute rounds of Deep Dive conversation between October 14 and November 22, via these options:

      • Large group calls with an open invitation, of which there will be several each week at various times

      • Invitation-only calls that are convened by you or others

    • Make and share some meaning, based on the collective harvest that emerges from the Deep Dive conversations

    • Contribute to the Now What?! Gift Economy either financially via Open Collective, or with a pledge to contribute a specific amount of your “member dividend” back to the pool, or by gifting some time in support of the Now What?! gathering

    • Endorse the Now What?! Declaration of Possibility

  • Additional Invitations for Collective Members 

    • Receive a member dividend once this Now What?! edition is complete

    • Participate in the deliberative process for allocating project funding, including the option to nominate a project 

    • Create one or more roles for yourself in support of the convening and hosting of the Now What?! Deep Dives and/or the Now What?! Pop-up Gift Economy, and request a financial gift in return (see some possibilities here)

    • Personally invite others to become Collective Members

    • Join conversations with Collective Members about the Now What?! processes and about becoming a community and/or “guild”

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