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Now What?!

Gift Economy

October 14 - November 22, 2019

Over the course of Now What?!, a pool of financial gifts, as well as various offers of non-financial support, is being gathered and distributed in order to nourish individuals, projects, and initiatives that are doing the work of healing, transformation, and regeneration in service to Life.

The financial elements of Now What?! are transparently managed using the Open Collective platform, where you can see how much has been contributed and how that money will be redistributed at the conclusion of the gathering.
Offers of non-financial gifts have been made via the registration process, and can be viewed on the Now What?! Network Map here.  In addition to that overall view of who is offering and requesting various kinds of support, individual profiles on the map show more specific offers and requests that various participants have made.  You are invited to follow up with people individually, or to play "matchmaker" between people you think might be good to connect with one another based on this information.  Any Now What?! Collective members who do such "gift weaving" work are also invited to make financial requests in return.

If you are interested in organizing a live "gift circle" as another way to energize non-financial exchanges, please email us!
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